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Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Irrespective of the nature & size of organisation, accountants are pivotal components

of any business. Even in the recession period, accountants are crucial part of any

organization, for doing bookkeeping, auditing and financial management. Due to the fact that every company needs an accountant, whether public, private or non-profit,  individuals pursuing the finance course have the choice of finding accountant jobs in a diversified industry and companies.

In fact, accountant job is quite extensive and an accountant is involved in diversified range of activities like quality management, cost computation, using information for tracking financial performance, tax strategies, mergers & acquisitions and so on.

How to build a career in accounting?

For undergraduate students-To get into three-year bachelor degree course in accounts, the candidate should complete the higher senior secondary examination with commerce subjects like economics, maths and accounts. 

Have a look on some of the accountancy courses-

1= Certificate Courses in Accounting

2= Diploma Courses in Accounting

3= Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance

4= Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy

5= Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Accounting

6= Master of Commerce in Accounting and Auditing

7= Master of Commerce in Finance and Taxation

8= Post graduate diploma in auditing and computer accounting

Also, there are various professional courses like Chartered Accountant, ICWA, etc., which can be pursued either along with the graduation degree or after completing the college. Moreover, there are various online accounting courses available in the market like Tally, which you can do along with your education. After completing the basic course, you can find junior accountant jobs. 

Some of the specialized accountant fields are-

1= Public Accounting

2= Audit

3= Tax

4= Budget Analysis

5= Financial

6= Real estate finance

7= Management accounting

Scope of accountancy 

There is no dearth of good accountant job opportunities. It is considered as one of  the top career choices made by students. After finishing graduation, a student can  initially join a company as a junior accountant or a trainee. Also, accountants can  find employment in diversified sectors like market research, budget planning,  corporations and consultancies. There is a good scope in teaching field also, where  a post-graduate student can opt for teaching jobs in colleges and universities. This 
sector offers tremendous freelancer accountant job opportunities, which can be  explored at your own convenience.

The accountant salary depends on different factors like experience, company, location, work profile, etc. For those who want to start their career in accounting, the initial salary starts from 8000-15,000/ month. After gaining years of experience and knowledge, one can fetch an amount around Rs 30,000/month.

Besides, there are plenty opportunities available for fresh graduates and experienced professionals in traditional accounting fields-audit & taxation, finance departments, banks and public service.

Requisite skills to get success- 

1= Able to work for longer duration in analyzing financial and environment computing


2= strictly adhere to different accounting procedures and regulations

3= Knack of understanding of accounting procedures

4= Advance knowledge of accountancy software

5= Highly analytical skills

6= Strong communication skills

7= Impeccable mathematical abilities

As soon as you’ve refined your accounting abilities for a couple of years, you may commence supplying your consultation services to entrepreneurs or those aiming to start their own company. In many cases, you’ll aid them in developing a viable business strategy to help the company owner obtain financing and assist in the decision-making procedure. 

So, if you think you have the right stuff to be an accountant, get yourself ready and

joint the league of accountants without hesitation.

C. A. Abhijit Kelkar

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