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Friday, February 8, 2019

How to link PAN to Aadhaar in 5-step

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Linking Aadhaar to your PAN is now mandatory and those PANs that are not linked to Aadhaar by the end of December 2017 will be rendered invalid. Besides, to file your tax returns, mentioning Aadhaar number is compulsory. The I-T department has made provision for assesssees to link their PAN to Aadhaar on the e-filing portal. Here's the low-down on how to go about it:
Login to the I-T department's e-filing website Only registered users can sign-in. In case you are a brand new consumer at the portal, get registered by way of getting into basic registration information such as PAN, call and date of birth.
Fill out the form
Once you are logged into the portal, go to the "Profile Settings" tab. A drop down menu will appear. Click on "Link Aadhaar". A new form will be displayed.
You need to enter name, date of birth and gender as per PAN records. Next, your Aadhaar number and your name as per Aadhaar records must be entered. These details must be submitted after entering the text in the captcha code appearing on the screen.
After submitting the Aadhaar information, a fulfillment message is displayed confirming the linking of Aadhaar with PAN. A affirmation email is also sent to the registered e-mail id of the assesse
Points to note
Once Aadhaar-PAN is linked, one can e-verify the IT return using Aadhaar if the mobile number is registered with Aadhaar database.
If the name in Aadhaar does not exactly match with the call on PAN, you need to additionally provide Aadhaar OTP or EVC to proceed with partial name match.

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